Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project: Name Card Holders for Your Holiday Dinner

Hello Scrappers--Sorry to have been away for so long, but I have been working on some major projects.  When I learned Mom would host Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to do a little something special for the table, so I searched for some ideas.  I came up with this little topiary, and it was pretty easy to do.  Here are some photos and steps in the process...

1) Start with a large or extra large daisy petal punch, some plain cardstock and a 6 x 6 double-sided paper pad like this one from MME.

2) The number of flower punchouts is determined by the size of your ball topiary--this one is 1.5 inches. I also cut some of the balls in half for the florist foam, used green stakes for the "branch" and then laid a little moss on top to cover the styrofoam.

3) Once you have your punched flowers, flip the edges up like this.
4) eesh--pardon my manicure in the above shot!  :)  Ok, now it is time to get your hot glue gun ready.  I use a cool shot--the burns aren't quite as easy to get with it.  I start at the bottom (or top really) and push pretty hard on the foam and squish the flowers together as tightly as possible.

5)  keep going until you have covered your foam ball with the flowers--the cut of the petals does look like a boxwood--such a classic topiary plant.  My mom loved these as we had one for each place setting and the guests could take them home.  I simply tied a little name tag to twine and attached it to the branch--sorry I didn't include the final picture of the table, but this gives you an idea of what it turned out like.

I thought I would share the whole process in case anyone was hosting some holiday dinners this December. :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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